Author Shan R.K Liston hills

School me p2 (page 5)


“If I knew we were dressing casually I would’ve carried a tie.” Her face flushes a bright red at the mention of my tie and If she wasn’t the vision of my eyes at this moment I would have recalled every dirty thing I’ve done to her body with just a tie.

“Did I ever mention that you an asshole,” She mutters.

“Yes, mostly when you were begging me to let you come.” I shrug.

 Dainy glares at me as her shapely legs trot up the three wooden steps while she flips off her shoes leaving them on the porch where I stand with my hands in my suit pockets, silently watching her disappear into the cabin as if she owns the place.

She actually does own the cabin and surrounding area but she doesn’t have a clue. Dainy thinks this idle cabin that ‘magically’ appeared is mine. Truth is, I had it built for her when she was fifteen, a few days after her first real fight with her dad. Dainy and her father don’t know this, but that night when he swore my Vixen and told her to get out of his house I was in Aiden’s room. I didn’t have access to large sums of money at the time but one word with my dad and he was covering the cost. That’s my father for you.

Upon hearing the scrape of a chair, I walk into the cabin, and with it I step foot in to our past, where Dainy was just a girl and I was a starving beast.


By Shan R.K

Shan R.K is a Multi-Genre Author, with 13 books published in 9 different categories.

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