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School Me Season 4 (Page 5)

“Fancy seeing you here.” Dainy says as she slides in the opposite side of me. Her long blonde hair braided down her back, falls over her shoulder as she looks toward the large group on  my right. 

“I could say the same for you, but I don’t have any of that Texas charm.” I wink at her as I signal the waiter, trying very hard not to look at the group of men.

Dainy rolls her eyes. Her long finger tapping her top lip as she, regards me with a perplexed smile.

“What on earth are you doing all the way here, Lizzie? The South is no place for a girl like you.” 

I shrug, “What exactly is a girl like me ?” Arching my brow as I stare heavily at the girl my cousin is so in love with.

“Someone with a death wish, I can smell it on you.” 

The door opens again, but this time my eyes don’t stray.

They glare at Dainy. 

Could she know something about my dads murder? 
The question screams in my head, wanting my mouth to open and ask her. 

“Dainy.” That one word shuts my mouth. 
We will have our time again.

My eyes must say those exact words, as Dainy flinches before she looks up and gets out of the chair. 

“Hey, Reagan.” My cousin looks to me then her frowning.

The waiter shows up. And I should go, because I know tonight I am not going to get any answers. But the show has just began, So I order a strawberry milkshake, and a burger. 
Might as well enjoy the entertainment. 

“What are you doing here?” Dainy asks Reagan. 

“She came with me.” That deep smooth voice brings a smile to my face, and for the first time in ages I smile. 

Sit back Liston Hill’ers this is going to be fun.

I apologize for the late page. My kid was sick yesterday, got a bit sidetracked, I will be double posting today. So enjoy and don’t forget to send those comments on
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School Me Season 4 (Page 6)

There are times for things to happen. Places for them to play out in violence, and people who should be behind those things.

I am listening to the bikers bitch and moan about guarding Dainy. The price is right but the job isn’t. We were in the middle of dinner when Dexter messaged me. My father was in great mood after seeing Dainy. In his mind I probably played the catfish and got her right where I wanted her. I didn’t correct his wayward thoughts.

Dainy wasn’t please at all, with my recent misgivings, but I was hoping she’ll admit her love for me, breakup with Reagan and finally be mine. There were more pressing matters to worry about.

When I received the message, I excused myself, saying it was Kent. No need to lie to my father.

Dainy frowned, and followed me, saying she wanted to stop for waffles. I wasn’t going to refuse her, plus, now the bikers could get a proper visual of the one they’ll be guarding. So, I brought her a long for the ride. I was still worried about Dainy’s safety.

Since I received that threatening call, I haven’t heard anything since.

Kent was still looking around, but my father was starting to get curious. I didn’t want him getting involved, at least not just yet. Learning to handle my own problems was instilled in me since I was a kid.

The ring on my finger, and the name I took as my last, with the blood in my veins, said I was more than capable of handling anything that came in my way. Even a killer.

Dainy was ecstatic when I handed her the keys to the jeep after I told her where we were going. And they say money doesn’t buy happiness? I laugh in my head.

I watched her in the car, as her bare legs flexed as she drove. My mood took a nosedive once we walked into the Restaurant. I expected the bikers, what Kent failed to mention was the girl with the pixie hair cut, now dyed blue, sitting on the end of the diner, by the wall, trying very hard to blend in. Lizzie.

“Don’t.” I tell Dainy, aware she isn’t going to listen to me.

I had a suspicion as to what Lizzie was doing here. Right now, I had more pressing matters to deal with.

The bikers were trying to intimidate Dexter which wasn’t going to end well.

“I see my friend has left an impression.” I say as I walk toward them.

I ignore Dexter, as the bikers make way for me to get through. The tall one with his hand on the stool, and a patch on his right pocket, reading Road Captain is the guy I look at.

“So I take it, there is a problem, here?” I slide my hand in the pocket of my slacks. My face expressionless, but my eyes have a hard glint as I stare at the man who is undoubtedly twice my age. His beard isn’t that long, but black, with the first few strands of grey.

“Yeah, the price is right, but as I told your friend, we ain’t feeling like babysitting your girlfriend.”

“There is a killer in town, and my girlfriend is now on that list, did I mention she is a Hallow? ” The man frowns as the other biker on the side of me moves a bit.

“What does that have to do with us?”

“The property you guys deem as your clubhouse, belongs to her family,” I inform them. What I don’t mention, is that it belonged to me, I just made sure it had Dainy’s name on it. My father taught me to have only one plan, no back ups, but make sure that when I had a plan, it was impenetrable. Failure wasn’t a word we use.

“I’ll talk to shoelace, we’ll be back.” The road captain said.

“You do that, in the interim, Dexter will fill you in on the details. I suggest that you see that Shoelace has a positive response for me by the end of tomorrow, I hate to have to give your new president a call.

I hear the bell on the door behind me opening. And when I turn my mood goes from ‘agitation’ to plain down soar when I spot Reagan standing in front of Dainy.

“What are you doing here?” He questions her in an accusing voice.

“She’s with me.” I say as I walk toward my old friend.

He is every bit the jock he was born to be. His football jacket with his dark washed denims and Solomon taks, reminds me of our differences.

His blue eyes that I once looked at as a brother who understood me, now burns right through me.

So much anger.

I smile a bit.

“The question is why are you here? Came to see your cousin? Or came to find out if you still had a girlfriend left?” I ask him as I widen my stance and place my hands in my pocket. I don’t miss his angry eyes going to my ring before I do.

Oh, Reagan, seems like YOU want something Sabastian has, questions is, are you sure it is just his girl? Or does Loverboy have something else you want. Stay tuned Liston Hill’ers things are just getting started.

Thank you for reading, if you could please take the time to let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it.
School Me Season 4 Playlist
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School Me Season 4 (Page 4)

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

I am sitting in the diner on the South Side of this small town. A small town with big secrets, and one of those secrets is the name of the one who murdered my father.

Since I left school the day the cheerleaders pissed me off, I have focused all my attention on looking for my father’s executioner.

And every single time, I got a bit closer, I ended up in the same place as Dexter Kent.

I am not saying it is a coincidence, or not, as he did offer me help. But I know the reason he is currently dressed in a black suit surrounded by a group of seriously pissed off bikers has nothing to do with me.

I am not sure what they are talking about, but 6 bikers to 1 Dexter, I would say the guy is out numbered. It was the reason why I picked up my phone and dialed Reagan.

I look at their biker jackets, that read The Sin Riders MC on the back. The question of why they were here, baffled my brain, but I remained seated.

The place is my definition of an upper class Diner. Not the typical small town ones I’d see on TV. The white and silver table I am sitting on is rooted to the ground that is clean and looks spanking new.

The chairs are soft and covered in a grey and black fabric. I smile when I spot the waiter who served me as I walked in, a little over an hour ago.

She has her hair in a long braid that is dyed in a mixture of blue, red and dark brown.

Her slanted eyes go to the bikers and Dexter. She merely shakes her head and continues wiping the large granite slab, serving as a counter .When I got here, it was with intention I speak to the lovely said waiter.

One of the bikers push Dexter. He is saying something to the guys. Whatever it is they must not like it.

The biker burly man, shakes his head. Gosh, I am glad I called Reagan. The top of the door makes that click sound, alerting everyone of a new comers presence.

Imagine my surprise when it isn’t Reagan who enters but Sabastian Delroy with a very angry Dainy Hallow in tow.

Hello Liston Hiller’s, BETTER hang on to your screens, Dainy Hallow isn’t as happy as we thought, but what is Sabastian Delroy doing on the South Side of town. Find out tomorrow.

School Me Season 4 Playlist
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School Me Season 4 (Page 1)

She is mine, I won’t give her a chance to say no.

Hurt comes in all different forms, times, places and the depth of it varies. For me the way I feel right now, it is the depth of the pain I feel.

That depth goes into my being, it suffocates me from the inside out. It clings to my soul. How did it all come to this, how did my life become so complicated when all I ever wanted was for it to be one of peace. Easy.

I have sat at this window many times before, staring into the distance. Once upon a time, on the days like these, all I wanted to do was sit here, my mind clouded in thoughts of one man, as that said man watched me from the lone seat while he savored his bourbon, sip by sip.

Only today, it is tainted. The rain washes away the remnants of the morning, a mirror to my angry out lash.

“Are you sure?” I ask him.

He is behind me, I know because of his reflection in the glass. His hands in his pocket, forever the refined man. Sabastian was groomed to be an imposing force before he was even born. It runs in his genes, his blood.

He will never be any other way, but the man who will hold your world up with just his determination, and bring it crashing down with his will. He will weaken you, and rebuild you until all you see, need and want is him. You can’t deny it, I can’t deny him.

“Yes, the test was negative.” He says, and the relief in my shoulders is nothing compared to the one in my heart.

A month ago, Sabastian had sex with my friend, Victoria Stone. He came clean to me a few days ago. It was then we finally had out talk. We put an end to our silence and a beginning to something more.

Victoria’s pregnancy was the one thing that caused a problem between the two of us. He would have to be there if she was pregnant and I would have to come to terms with how I feel about it. How he felt about Reagan and I.

Reagan, who I haven’t said a word to this last month, besides that we were done. I didn’t even apologize.

Thank you for reading. Below is a Youtube playlist, feel free to listen or add a few songs. And for those of you who have no idea what is happening, below is links for the first 3 seasons of School Me

School Me Season 4 Playlist

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School Me Season 4 (Page 3)

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

I keep picturing her face in my head as she ran away from Sabastian. The lost look on his as he kicked the bin on his way, following her, no doubt to wherever she disappeared to. There was a moment, just a split second that I thought sorry for him. But, how do I feel that when I am in love with the same girl. She is mine dammit. He left her here. She chose me. Why do I feel like I am just a could be and not a should be.

My phone rings as I skip the red robot.

LIZZY flashes on the screen.

“Hey cousin.” Lizzy and I haven’t spoken since I apologized at school. Come to think of it I haven’t seen her since that day.

“Hi Reagan, you still want to help with my dad’s murder.”

I offered her my help a few days ago after Mason filled me in with the reason to why Lizzy was in town. I thought she will tell me to fuck off so this is a surprise. But a welcome one.

“Yeah, what do you need.”

“I am at the dinner on the other side of the river.”

“What the hell are you doing there?”

“I think I found someone who might know what happened to my dad, her name is Kirsten Bellare. She was Gina’s friend.”

I make a sharp u-turn and head in the opposite direction. I haven’t been to Liston Hill’s downside since we played against Liston Hills Public a few months back. The place was the rough end of our small town. The people in the South didn’t come to the suburbs unless they had to. We all stayed where we belonged. Well, we did before. Things have changed now in the last year, Mason, Rae and Natasha attended the Public school and some of the teens from the downside attended our high school on a scholar ship.

I wasn’t an ass-hole, I believed in helping those who showed potential but the ones who attended our school on a scholarship, didn’t deserve it. They were the kids of our parents employers who were clever enough to get dirt on our parents or suck up enough that people like my dad decided that a pay check wasn’t enough.

“I’m on my way, send me your geo location.”

“Sure, just hurry, Dexter is here, and things look like they are about to go south fast.”

She clicks the call off and dread follows me as I put more juice going 140k’s an hour. I know Dexter and trouble are best friends.

Hello to all our new subscribers and a big awesome Howdy to all of your guys. I will be posting shortly on my new upcoming book ‘ Shock Me Twice’ which I wrote with 8 year old Kady-Co. It is a Young Adult Series that focuses on a group of kids who attend Liston Hills Public School and solve mysteries. Really great stuff.

At the end of this post right below, I have posted a youtube video, “Not the School Me Playlist’ Another one with the trailer of Shock Me Twice. Please share it with your family and friends, or that special someone in your life.

Thank you guys and I hope you are loving Season 4 thus far.

School Me Season 4 Playlist
Trailer for Shock Me Twice

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School Me Season 4 (Page 2)

Liston Hills School Me Season 4

“Hey, have you seen Dainy.” I am standing in front of Dainy’s house. I was in the middle of practice when I saw her and Sabastian having it out. Not sure what the hell was going on. I wanted to run and go to her but I couldn’t.

The game was in less than a week and coach was getting aggravated with our newbie, Curt Dawson. The guy was a 9th grader that just moved to Liston Hills. His parents were known internationally for their generous contribution to the world’s aids organization a few years back. Rumours in the tabloids hinted the family had tight connections with the USA’S most notorious crime family, the Sanati’s.

Why they decided to move here was something I wanted to know. It was only after practice did I decide to forgo my shower and rush to Dainy’s house.

Now I am standing by the door, looking at Aiden, his hair is ruffled and his face is pulled into an ugly scowl.

“She’s at the cabin, with Sabastian, I suggest you give them space. They need to talk.”

I frown as my gut clenches, knowing that it is my insecurity. Doubt has an ugly side, especially when it is directed to my friend, and my girl.

“Does she love him?” Not sure why the words leave my mouth, why I even bother asking her brother.

“Yes, she has loved him for years, but I know Dainy has loved you for longer, he was the one in the background. While you chased panties Sabastian has been playing for keeps with my sister. And frankly, I am glad it isn’t an Orniel who she’ll choose.” He slams the door in my face and for once I don’t lose my fucking shit.

Sabastian’s words ring in my head, “She is mine.” He said it that night on the roof top of his house. The day Sabastian finally came clean about his feelings for Dainy, and it was true when he said that I knew deep down she was his. I just chose to ignore what I already knew because the truth was something that didn’t work in my favour.

Dainy does love me, but I know she loves Sabastian too. The question is what to do about that. I won’t just give up, I am an Orniel. I get what I want and I want Dainy Hallow to be mine. She is mine dammit.

I am not just going to give my girl up, not without a fight and maybe even then. I get to my car and jump in. I need to clear my head and think, before I do something stupid, like going to the Cabin and finishing what I started with Sabastian.

“FUCK.” I slam my hand on the steering wheel as I speed down the road at an insanely high speed. I head straight toward town. The night is clear, a contrast to the state of my mind.