2020 Releases

The lines that blur between love and war are often the only thing keeping you alive. more

January 30th 2020


School Me Season 4 (Liston Hills #4) – Starts February 3rd

The Satan Sniper’s MC Books 1 – 4 Box Set – February 14th

What makes me bleed – February 27th

Liston Hills School Me Season 1-4 Box Set – March 31st

Study Me Season 1 (Liston Hills #5) – April 30th

Prince Of Souls (The Angel Descendants #2) – May 28th

Killer (The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club #5) – June 25th

A frosted Sin (TBC) (Love, Hate and Billions #2)

Black , White and the colors in between (TBC)

Study me season 2 (TBC) (Liston Hills #6)

Shame on me (TBC) (Catch Me, If you can #2)

Reader’s choice.