Hey guys and welcome to this mind of mine.

Shan in the cold

If you want to know about my books, excerpts, deleted scenes or if you want to ask me something. This is the place.

Wanna know what’s coming soon?
Or maybe you just want to tell me how my books suck and you totally hated it… Yup, you can do it here.

So what else do I have to offer…

I am going to write a live novel, one page everyday starting on November 7th 2016 and post it for everyone to read, Tuesday to Friday.

I will take suggestions with a smile and a cup of strong black coffee.

So sit back and enjoy…

Beauty can be seen from all angles


A note to new writers- when it comes to writing you are your own student. Everyone has a method and special place. The how’s and who’s can be answered by only you. Writing is power, so own it. And if you guys have any questions or need a beta reader pop me a message or email me on shanRk@zoho.com and I will read 1 book from upto 10 people a month.