The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club


I was the Enforcer, she made me a man

I was on the streets, until I wasn’t. They took me, fed me, clothed me. For a time I was happy, until he came back. I had five years to accept his chains, my monster. He owned me, until I met the Enforcer of The Satan Snipers.

His name was Zero.

He wasn’t just an enforcer. He was a stone blooded killer.

Meet the girl


I’ve never known a day of being normal or having a hot plate of food to eat. I don’t even know what it feels like to have a bath. The streets of Washington has been my home since the day I was born. As the years went on by, I learnt to survive on these streets, I even learnt to smile.

Now meet


I know I should let it rest, but I can’t drop it. I need to know her name. My gut is riding me hard. My instincts are telling me it’s important.

I’m the enforcer. If there’s even a thread that she’s a danger to my club I need to know.


When Beggar saves Falon, she passes the biggest test of a Satan Sniper.

Taken as a prospect, Beggar can finally get the life she wanted.

She gets more than she ever hoped to. A man’s heart.

But with secrets from her past and the man in question set of uncovering the dark that’s plagued her.

Will she learn that the enforcer of the Satan Snipers is more than able to handle anything?

Even the reason she calls herself Beggar.

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“When I was younger I was a beggar by circumstance, when I got older I remained a beggar by choice.” Beggar




The day I met River I knew I wanted him, how could I not and for one night I had him.

I thought he wanted me too but he didn’t.

He told me he wanted his past.

She was also his future and Me ? I was the weak moment.

River hurt me that day but I blamed it on myself because I let him.


Hannah Evans was forgettable, a complication I didn’t need nor want.

I went back to Kanla to face my past and find Beggar, never thought killing a frog will lead me to my future.

I thought I knew what I wanted, but I forgot why I didn’t take it when I had a chance.

Now Hannah hates me, but not for long.

She once told me we all had a keeper, I found mine.


While The Satan Snipers hunt for a missing Beggar tension rises as they get closer to finding her.

River must decide where his loyalty lies.

Faced with his oath to National and keeping the Kanla Chapter United an old enemy lurks in the misty waters of Kanla.

Will the national sergeant-at-arms unite the club in time to bath in the blood of their enemies?

Or will Beggars departure be the ultimate weapon against them!

She was forgettable, why couldn’t I stay away.’ River

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My fall scattered all the pieces in me until I had a small part left. That last sliver of my humanity was stolen from me by the enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club. He name is Zero.


Once Upon a time I met a girl and I loved her with everything in me. Then one day she betrayed me. She chose him over me.

Now she is back but for how long ?

The Satan Snipers continue with their hunt for Lucca as another threat lurks in the misty waters of Kanla.

Women are dying and it is up to The Satan Snipers to find the ones who are guilty.

As the club hunts down their enemies Beggar and Zero are faced with questions and new obstacles in their path.

‘How do I choose between the woman I love and my own flesh and blood?’ ZERO

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Love, Hate and Billions


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I had two great loves.

The first had the power to weaken me.

The second broke me.

Vincent Stone was my addiction before he turned out to be my disease.

Our love was forbidden, he was my stepbrother.

But that wasn’t the worst of it all.

No, you see he was a Made-Man and I was his muse.

A full Standalone Dark Billionaire romance. +80000 words of Love Hate and Billions

He was a made man and I was his muse.’ Kylie

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The Angel Descendants

House of Legions



Faces of You

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