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School Me Season 4 (Page 1)

She is mine, I won’t give her a chance to say no.


Hurt comes in all different forms, times, places and the depth of it varies. For me the way I feel right now, it is the depth of the pain I feel.

That depth goes into my being, it suffocates me from the inside out. It clings to my soul. How did it all come to this, how did my life become so complicated when all I ever wanted was for it to be one of peace. Easy.

I have sat at this window many times before, staring into the distance. Once upon a time, on the days like these, all I wanted to do was sit here, my mind clouded in thoughts of one man, as that said man watched me from the lone seat while he savored his bourbon, sip by sip.

Only today, it is tainted. The rain washes away the remnants of the morning, a mirror to my angry out lash.

“Are you sure?” I ask him.

He is behind me, I know because of his reflection in the glass. His hands in his pocket, forever the refined man. Sabastian was groomed to be an imposing force before he was even born. It runs in his genes, his blood. He will never be any other way, but the man who will hold your world up with just his determination, and bring it crashing down with his will. He will weaken you, and rebuild you until all you see, need and want is him. You can’t deny it, I can’t deny him.

“Yes, the test was negative.” He says, and the relief in my shoulders is nothing compared to the one in my heart.

A month ago, Sabastian had sex with my friend, Victoria Stone. He came clean to me a few days ago. It was then we finally had out talk. We put an end to our silence and a beginning to something more.

Victoria’s pregnancy was the one thing that caused a problem between the two of us. He would have to be there if she was pregnant and I would have to come to terms with how I feel about it. How he felt about Reagan and I.

Reagan, who I haven’t said a word to this last month, besides that we were done. I didn’t even apologize.

School Me S4 is off with a bang. Dainy and Sabastian still have a killer to catch and much more on the final Season of School Me.

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School Me Season 4 (Page 2)

1 month ago

Liston Hills School Me Season 4


“Hey, have you seen Dainy.” I am standing in front of Dainy’s house. I was in the middle of practice when I saw her and Sabastian having it out. Not sure what the hell was going on. I wanted to run and go to her but I couldn’t.

The game was in less than a week and coach was getting aggravated with our newbie, Curt Dawson. The guy was a 9th grader that just moved to Liston Hills. His parents were known internationally for their generous contribution to the world’s aids organization a few years back. Rumours in the tabloids hinted the family had tight connections with the USA’S most notorious crime family, the Sanati’s.

Why they decided to move here was something I wanted to know. It was only after practice did I decide to forgo my shower and rush to Dainy’s house.

Now I am standing by the door, looking at Aiden, his hair is ruffled and his face is pulled into an ugly scowl.

“She’s at the cabin, with Sabastian, I suggest you give them space. They need to talk.”

I frown as my gut clenches, knowing that it is my insecurity. Doubt has an ugly side, especially when it is directed to my friend, and my girl.

“Does she love him?” Not sure why the words leave my mouth, why I even bother asking her brother.

“Yes, she has loved him for years, but I know Dainy has loved you for longer, he was the one in the background. While you chased panties Sabastian has been playing for keeps with my sister. And frankly, I am glad it isn’t an Orniel who she’ll choose.” He slams the door in my face and for once I don’t lose my fucking shit.

Sabastian’s words ring in my head, “She is mine.” He said it that night on the roof top of his house. The day Sabastian finally came clean about his feelings for Dainy, and it was true when he said that I knew deep down she was his. I just chose to ignore what I already knew because the truth was something that didn’t work in my favour.

Dainy does love me, but I know she loves Sabastian too. The question is what to do about that. I won’t just give up, I am an Orniel. I get what I want and I want Dainy Hallow to be mine. She is mine dammit.

I am not just going to give my girl up, not without a fight and maybe even then. I get to my car and jump in. I need to clear my head and think, before I do something stupid, like going to the Cabin and finishing what I started with Sabastian.

“FUCK.” I slam my hand on the steering wheel as I speed down the road at an insanely high speed. I head straight toward town. The night is clear, a contrast to the state of my mind.

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Book Release Dates

Hey Everyone.

Welcome all the new bloggers and subscribers that have recently joined our Liston Hills family.

I love it when I open my laptop in the morning and see new people have subscribed.

Thank you all for the emails yesterday, I will reply as soon as I can.

So I was thinking about this yesterday. The release dates for the books. So many of you are waiting patiently for Beauty’s Breath and Capo Dei Capi.

So I will release Beauty’s Breath on Tuesday this week. Capo Dei Capi will follow on January 25th and Diamond’s story February 15th.

I am busy with some posters and ads for the Website. Maybe I will try my luck again on the Youtube videos.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome Smurf Monday.

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Zero is out

The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club 3




My fall scattered all the pieces in me until I had a small part left. That last sliver of my humanity was stolen from me by the enforcer of The Satan Sniper’s Motorcycle Club. He name is Zero.


Once Upon a time I met a girl and I loved her with everything in me. Then one day she betrayed me. She chose him over me.

Now she is back but for how long ?

The Satan Snipers continue with their hunt for Lucca as another threat lurks in the misty waters of Kanla.

Women are dying and it is up to The Satan Snipers to find the ones who are guilty.

As the club hunts down their enemies Beggar and Zero are faced with questions and new obstacles in their path.

How do I choose between the woman I love and my own flesh and blood?

Zero is out now

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A Private Show



Zero has taken me a long time to write. At first I was convinced I was going to publish last year.

But reading over my story line for Kylie Bray I felt I needed something else and ‘Bang’ I wrote River’s Keeper.

After that it was school me part 2 then Kylie Bray and a whole world of new things happening. But rest assured and wait no more. ZERO is finally Done.

I will be putting Zero on Pre-Sale once the cover is out.

Also 5 lucky Subscribers will be winning free copies…. So stay tuned and Enjoy School Me P3. 😊

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School me p3 (page 29)


Now it was Monday and I have just arrived home to find Mason sitting on the bed of his truck waiting for me.

“Howdy there Ms. Sherlock.” He greets me with his new nickname as I jump out of my Camaro.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be like I don’t know, let me see, football practice? I heard you guys are playing against us this weekend.” I say as I grab my back from the passenger seat and slam the door.

His light green gaze wrinkles and it isn’t the first time I see the stark resemblance he has to his sister, Kylie, and father.

“Nope, we train at 6 am, not pm.” He jumps down and I get a full view of his sculpted legs in his light blue denim.

He crosses his arms and I arch my brow as he flexes his pec. Reagan Orniel is handsome and a total jock thru and thru and he is my cousin, but Mason Bray. Fuck me to blindness the guy puts Chris Hemsworth to shame. His dark rich brown hair is shorter than it was a few weeks back and the scruff on his jaw screams man. Not a seventeen-year-old preppy boy.

“So I came to pick you up. We meeting Dexter in the main house in an hour.” He stares at me intensely, my face flushes and I can my face, slip my bag over my shoulder and silently thank out creator for Mason Bray. Gosh, the guy is hot.

I have never considered myself as shallow or some girl who goes crazy over a hot face but now I seriously need to consider it. Since I met Mason I have had all kinds of crazy fantasies starring Mason Bray and myself.

My long legs eat up The distance to my door in no time. I get inside my house and drop my bag on the sofa in the lounge.

A big hello 🙋 and welcome to all our new subscribers 🙆 and for those who need to catch up school me part 1 and 2 can be found on my amazon site –

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School me p3 (page 27)


“Tad Presley, hmmmm, now what do I owe the pleasure of today?” The sarcasm is thick in my voice as the handsome richly dark skinned Billionaire playboy sits next to me on the cemented seating.

The guy is a critically important jackass at our prestigious school. He is on the lacrosse team because apparently ‘dum fool’s’ Play football but a real man plays lacrosse.

He is an egotistical rich boy. A cliché if I am speaking from the world’s point of view.

His dad was an engine specialist for Lamborghini until he developed his own engine with parts and all. Now they use it in NASCAR and other major races. He is also the newest man whore since my boyfriend changed his status from playboy to taken.

“I’m inviting you and loverboy to my house this Friday,” Tad says as he snatches my juice box from my tray and puts his chino covered leg on the table not too far from my food.

“Can’t, Reagan has a game.”

“The game is Saturday Dainy, besides I was talking about Delroy, Reagan is like a bull and everyone else is waving a red flag his way, did you hear about his and Delroy’s punching match? Heard Delroy won.”

He shoves the straw in my juice box and lifts it to his mouth. I get up fast and snatch my juice box back and suck the mango goodness down as I stare at Tad.

My smile is as false as my words when I tap his face with my finger and say , “And I heard Rita and Wendy got an s t d after a night with you. Now I could choose to believe these rumors or I could be a good Christian and remind myself it ain’t any of my business.”

His face tightens in anger and that is when I laugh and sit back down, “Now, back to that party, Of course, I would love to come to your party.”

A big hello 🙋 and welcome to all our new subscribers 🙆 and for those who need to catch up school me part 1 and 2 can be found on my amazon site –

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School me p3 (page 25)


I slam my locker door closed, and rush toward my science class.

Today is pop quiz day. The idea of the word pop is supposed to mean we don’t know about it.

But this is Liston High Private. Everybody knows about everything. Our school is like a pound filled with gossipers, trouble makers and divas.

Surprisingly the principal manages to keep our year exams a secret. (He doesn’t really, he sells our papers for five hundred dollars a page. And math he doubles it)

My best friend Christopher Hugh meets me at the door of our physics class while all the other kids rush in side, mumbling their hellos, while the girls giggle and bat their eyelashes at my best friend.

“Yo Dainy, how was the weekend with the infamous Madon Bray ?” Christopher asks me as I give him an one-arm hug by the door glaring at Ashley Herne as she passes me.

“Madon.” I snort at that ridiculous name Christopher made up in 8th grade when Mason punched our then history teacher, Mr Ricken after he told Mason to remove his entitled ass from his classroom when Mason told Mr Ricken that he should be teaching 4th graders history not 8th.

“Nothing to remember and I mean that in a totally grey way.”

Christopher leads me into the room with his hand on my back, and we immediately walk to our chairs that are four rows from the front.

“You telling me that the Madon Bray was actually tolerable? Have you been holding out on me? Or has my hearing finally gone awol?”

“I’m saying that it actually wasn’t that bad. Now back to more interesting topics, did you really shack up with Bronwyn and Billie Tanner?”

We sit down as Ms Carmichael and Ms Nelan enters the classroom.

“Pop quiz.”

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School me p3 (page 24)



While Monday came to an early start, I’m glad to be back at school. It’s the one constant I have in my life that remains predictable. The squad still keeping me busy.
The jocks , back to practicing for the national competition.
Reagan still his recently moody self. Christopher still my best friend who never shuts up.
Well, except for Sabastian, who is surprisingly avoiding me like the plague since I arrived at school two hours back. I didn’t know why.
Something is wrong with him. I am going to get to the bottom of it as soon as I speak to Reagan.

My weekend with Kylie didn’t pan out the way it was supposed to. I ended up spending most of my time with Mason, Kylie’s brother and while we never really got along , this weekend we got along quite well. I didn’t know whether it was because he was my babysitter. OR did he genuinely like me but I was glad to have the company. It was better than just staying at Kylie’s house doing nothing.

Kylie up and left, ‘apparently’ she had an emergency. But the weekend turned out pretty good until my return yesterday evening.

When Mason and I arrived home late last night, Jace was more than happy to inform us that Reagan and Sabastian had a fight. By this morning when I arrived at school it was all over the school.

While this wasn’t the most surprising thing, I can’t say that I am not hurt.

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It is great to be back. 😊😀