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School Me Season 3 Recap


It’s been two weeks since my dad became the prime suspect in the Gina Lorne’s case. One week since I’ve seen Sabastian.

We spent the day together after my dad made bail. I enjoyed it as one would pleasurable chaos.

We laughed,

we fought,

sharing glances of heated history,

while quietening with still very open wounds and it all felt natural.

But I didn’t forget, I didn’t drop my shields I had built around myself ,

a protection against my curse, a protection against Sebastian Delroy and his binding touch.

Sabastian dropped me at home that same day, and it was three days after that when I saw him again.

It was the day him, Jace Stone and my brother finally moved into the monstrosity across the road from my house.

As a good sister and friend I offered to help him unpack. We didn’t finish until late the next morning. It was four days after that when the schools communications app sent out messages of the house party Jace was throwing.

Jace was Reagan’s cousin so I wasn’t surprised my boyfriend insisted we go and it was definitely a party to remember.

Sabastian spent that night hounded by beautiful women and eventually left to his room with Ashley Herne. I can’t say I was okay with that but I didn’t really get a choice in the matter.

To Sabastian, I was the biggest fraud, I was sleeping with his friend. Recently I wasn’t sure how much of friends Reagan and Sabastian actually were.

Watching him go to his room with Ashley ripped my heart but also angered me, stealing something away from me, knowing that he was upstairs touching another girl.

It took everything in me to not run upstairs and disrupt them. However, it was a firm reminder that Sabastian wasn’t mine.

As for Reagan and I? There is a common phrase , hurt me with the truth, never comfort me with a lie. It seems to be a constant reminder of failures in my relationship with Reagan.

Every morning I look at him , every morning I smile a lie of deceitful intent. I used to crave just having his hands on me, but even that too has become tainted.

I don’t hate lying and as many would convince themselves they do I would not, because lying will eventually be the strongest tool I have once Reagan finds out about my involvement with his dead mother. I do however despise the idea of doing it to protect myself against my own boyfriend. The same boyfriend that brings me cherries every morning. The guy that whispers delicious sensual promises in my ear at night. There are mornings when I wake up and ask myself will today be the day that Reagan finds out the truth. I’m not going to make it easy for him if he does.

Reagan can’t just leave me.

I have wanted Reagan Orniel since I started liking boys. I loved the guy. He was my neighbor, my friend and now finally he is my lover. It isn’t the first time I think that, does my heart and mind go to war.

My heart always beats faster, harder when Sabastian is around, or he crosses my mind.

But my mind , my mind warns me of his hurt, of the pain and power he wielded over me.

My mind cautions me of the moment he destroyed me without even a shred of guilt, he didn’t even have to face me, touch me.

“Dainy, Get your ass down here now, we gotta move bitch.” That Southern belle voice perks me up, and brings my mood to a high.

I’m just sitting on my bed and staring at the blank, blackened screen of my phone.

My denim shorts pulled up to the top of my thighs. My white vest blocked by the fan of my open blonde hair.

Upon hearing that voice I am off my bed and rushing out the door in less than a minute.

My feet take the stairs two at a time and right there by the end of the staircase dressed in tight hip hugging black denims , boots, and a body every woman envies and every man dreams about is Kylie fucking Bray.

We hug each other, and it isn’t new to me that my face goes right to breasts.

“Are we living or dying? You said eleven it’s nine.” I take a step away from her embrace giving her eyes my own.

Since the night Reagan went missing Kylie and I have become closer friends. At first I found it weird she was calling me up, I mean she is a Bray, and it’s Kylie,

She is a legend what would she want with me.

But I soon learnt that she just wanted to be friends. This weekend would be the first one I spend at her place in Washington, it is why she’s currently standing in my house and my bags are packed by the door.


Many men have fallen in the face of grace, many women wallowing under the scrutiny of pride. For me it was not grace that caused my fall, it was the hero complex.

The masculine curse to do the right thing. Self sacrifice as some call it. A laugh bubbles up in my mind at how stupid it sounds. With it a deep fire of hatred burning me from the inside, reminding me.

I left Liston Hills , I left Dainy and all my friends behind for one thing, one reason. I was protecting them. I was protecting her most of all.

Now look at me, I have lost more than I bargained. My Vixen is still out of reach, hurting me, pushing the blade deeper until I have nothing left but hatred, yet I still protect her.

These past few weeks I have taken more females to my bed than I had in the past year. I look at myself in the mirror wondering if I am the beginnings of a monster.

I am capable of murder, I am capable of hatred and revenge. And everyday, a longer wait for my Vixen is everyday my heart freezes , closes.

I stare out the window of the third floor of The Delroy Mansion watching Dainy jump into the Jet, but my eyes don’t pause on her as they normally do. My eyes go to the jaded one, that was once like me, Kylie Bray.

She once loved, not long ago and now look at her. She smiles when she feels the need to, does as she has to, but behind it all she is as hard as a steel volt.

I saw Kylie a few weeks back, with Dainy, Jace and Dexter. I barely recognized the Bray heiress.

Her eyes that once flickered with youth, love, passion and a drive for life ,were dim, dying a painful excruciating death.

I saw Kylie again this morning when she landed upon my request to get Dainy away from here for the weekend. She didn’t give me any of her false pretenses, she kept for some people. She let me see the death in her eyes, the monster she was slowly becoming.

I wasn’t surprised, because my father and many of our fathers have that same look. We are born in money , but we are cursed in love. People like us aren’t happy. We are too greedy.

Lies, become more lies, murder becomes a natural part of life and the secrets, the secrets pile up. They eat away at our soul. Until we are nothing but a shell of hard shield.

Honed to keep moving, driven to succeed. And no matter who, or what stands in our way we are taught that there is no other way but to remove the obstacles.

That is the end for today. Stay tuned tomorrow. Same time. Same Place. And Welcome to All our New Liston Hiller’s

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School me p3 (page 24)



While Monday came to an early start, I’m glad to be back at school. It’s the one constant I have in my life that remains predictable. The squad still keeping me busy.
The jocks , back to practicing for the national competition.
Reagan still his recently moody self. Christopher still my best friend who never shuts up.
Well, except for Sabastian, who is surprisingly avoiding me like the plague since I arrived at school two hours back. I didn’t know why.
Something is wrong with him. I am going to get to the bottom of it as soon as I speak to Reagan.

My weekend with Kylie didn’t pan out the way it was supposed to. I ended up spending most of my time with Mason, Kylie’s brother and while we never really got along , this weekend we got along quite well. I didn’t know whether it was because he was my babysitter. OR did he genuinely like me but I was glad to have the company. It was better than just staying at Kylie’s house doing nothing.

Kylie up and left, ‘apparently’ she had an emergency. But the weekend turned out pretty good until my return yesterday evening.

When Mason and I arrived home late last night, Jace was more than happy to inform us that Reagan and Sabastian had a fight. By this morning when I arrived at school it was all over the school.

While this wasn’t the most surprising thing, I can’t say that I am not hurt.

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It is great to be back. 😊😀

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School me free EBook 

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Liston Hills book 1
It is time Dainy Hallow started paying attention

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School Me p3 (page 23)



life has a way of turning out, it has a method to its madness.

“Are you on the pill.” Rae sits on the edge of my bed, her dress that I ripped off her body last night now a master piece from my sin. And her one action turns my life on its axis. Rae shakes her head.

I stand in the middle of my room, my sweat pants my only item of clothing that doesn’t protect me. No, it reminds me. Everything in this room reminds me of what I did, of what we both did. Dainy once said that a lot can happen in a space of a night. I laughed, telling her that the only thing to happen in one night will be her and I actually watching a movie.

“It will be okay.” I say to Rae.

Rae lifts her face up, her black mascara slides down her smooth skin as one tear robs her of her strength.

The possibility of her and I possibly making a baby is evident.

There is options, we could get her a morning after pill, there were options. But as she sat at the end of the bed and touched her stomach bursting into tears as any sixteen year old would, I knew I wasn’t going to do any of it. I was going to own up to my pass in judgement. I was going to be selfless even if Rae hated me.

“I can’t do this. I am sorry, I need to go.” Rae says as she rushes out of the room, and I stand in the center of my floor watching her go. There is no excuse I could make, no story I can come up with that would explain this for what it is. The truth is it just happened.

I Sabastian Delroy had unprotected sex with Victoria Stone.

My phone rings, and I walk toward the end of the tumble bed to grab it from the floor.

“Yeah dad.”

“I hope you know what you doing son.”

I close my eyes, knowing my father just spotted Rae, “I don’t dad, I really don’t have a clue.”

“Figure it out Sabastian.” the phone goes dead on the other end. I throw it across the room, and the device smashes itself on the wall. Mirroring how I feel in the inside.

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School me p3 (page 11)


“If you didn’t want to do it, why agree?” I ask my eldest sister, Kylie who is on the end of the phone I currently place down, putting on speaker. I sit my denim covered ass on the breakfast nook eating my double cheese burger I ordered an hour ago. It tastes like shit. Not as shitty as my life but close.
“I never said I didn’t, nobody besides the family knows Diamonds gone, Dainy ain’t stupid, she already suspects something is up. I shouldn’t have used Diamond as an excuse to get her over here in the first place..” Kylie retorts. 
My sister and I are not as close as she is with the Stones, and recently she isn’t even close to them. But we do share a common gene, we are both Marcus Bray’s children. We don’t need to be close to count on one another. Diamond , her best friend since second grade and my foster sister since my dad decided to take custody of Diamond, recently left to some unknown government location. My dad was the one to inform me of this little bit of news a few days back. 

Like always I had nothing to say about it, Diamond was crazy but cool. She stayed with us practically every weekend but the thing is our house is four floors high, with seventeen bedrooms. Much bigger and grandeur in comparison to The Estate. My room is on the far left, away from everybody besides my father. So unless I was actually in the same space as Diamond I hardly spoke to her. But she was for all intent and purposes part of our family and I did feel a tinge of sadness that she was gone, more so for Kylie.  
But I would never share that with my father or sisters. When it comes to my family as a whole I tend to stay out of it. I am the quiet one, preferring to stay out of drama. For this reason and many, I also prefer to spend my weekends faraway from here. 
“Ask someone else, I’m sure Reagan can do it, it’s his girl.” Lifting my burger, I take another big bite of my crappy burger. 
“One week Mason.” I sit up when I hear this. There is something Kylie has that I need for a  while, but my stingy sister has continuously said no. 
“It is two days Kylie, fourth eight hours with Dainy. “ 
“If I wasn’t so sure Papa is your daddy , now would be the time I am. Fine.” I hear the groan but i ain’t buying shit, this is my sister she is worse than me, 

“So?” I question my hard headed sister , 

“Two weeks Mason, you scratch my bike and it will be the last thing you scratch, now, what time are you coming?” I smile full on when I hear the words I have tried to get out of her for the last three months.

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River’s Keeper (A sneak peak)

Growing up life was good, simple. I took it for granted.

Why not right? I had a stay at home mom, and two older brothers. I was the baby and my family treated me as such.

My dad was an electrician for a machine repair company only 10 miles from Laurelhurst, our suburban home stay. We were never rich but we never hurt for cash either. I never wore thrift store clothing, I never had to eat the same food two days in a row, overall life was good. I know it now, but then I didn’t have a clue. Then, life was normal, I never knew things any other way. I was young like that.

I attended public school like most kids did in Laurelhurst, graduated top of my class and was the first in my family to get accepted to Harvard University. Yes, I was going to do my first year pre-med. I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. I was ambitious, filled with goals and dreams.

It’s amazing how life seems to be going so great, those sleepless nights finally paying off. Because I can tell you, that when you’re flying high you feel invincible. I did, and it was the best feeling I ever had.

My brothers attended Washington State, not far from home. Ridge finished his degree in accounting, and Freddy was already a working electrical engineer for a local company. Both my brothers married young. Freddy divorced Celeste a year after they’d tied the knot. He kept insisting she was insane and mom agreed. Freddy had never been happier than the day he signed those papers.

My eldest brother Ridge was six years into his marriage and a proud father of twin girls, Alison and Stacy. With a wife that practically took out his socks when he got home from work, Ridge felt like he was king.

He hardly ever came home but mom and dad didn’t really mind. They believed that no news meant good news. I think they were just tired of having such a noisy house and wanted the peace. My parents liked their quiet time.

And me? I was a soon to be student of Harvard. Life was looking up for me, and with my parents who actually considered this and my two brothers who were more than thrilled, I had enough money to pay for the books I needed. Which was the only thing my scholarship wasn’t covering.

The world felt touchable and mine for the taking. I was ready to spread my wings and leave my mark on my country. And before I knew it I was in New York City attending Harvard University.

The first year went on by faster than I thought. I didn’t make it home until Christmas. My short breaks went on by studying for extra credits and working at the Sleeve, an upper class five star restaurant in New York City. I was too exhausted to do anything else. With no personal life, I was a nineteen year old Harvard student with no boyfriend and zero friends. I wasn’t refined enough for the rich kids, not smart enough for the geeks and not serious enough to hang with the other scholarship kids. It was unacceptable to just be me, I guess. Which was the main reason I got the job and focused on my studies.

I believed that if I kept my head on my goals the time would fly. The thing is I wasn’t paying attention to other stuff, my mind was focused on my work. That was my first mistake. My mom always told me that multi tasking was important, and looking back I should’ve listened, but I didn’t. Before I knew it I was on my second year and that was when I got sidetracked.

It was one of those days, where the wind was just wilder than the previous day’s. No certainty of what the day would bring. I always found the air much more cleaner and refreshing to smell on campus than the stuffy scent of Central New York city. I loved spending time on the grounds while I immersed my brain into the complexity of human anatomy. And that day was no different, a bit of wind didn’t deter me in the slightest.

I had two free periods before I had to attend a Chemistry class. I was wearing my signature Harvard outfit, which consisted of chino pants and a white button down shirt, completed with a pair of flat nude pumps.

My first day at Harvard I arrived in my normal clothes, a baggy black Levi jeans, black t-shirt paired off with Neon green and pink D&G sneakers. Around my head was my signature shocking blue headphones. I was there for all but ten minutes before I learnt that they didn’t like my loose jeans and tank tops I normally wore. If that wasn’t ‘message’ enough, the next day my bio professor kindly asked me to dress more ‘conservative’. She even let me out early so I could purchase some ‘serious clothing’. Now it was a year later and I barely recognized myself.

My maroon framed glasses was the only sign on my body that told people I actually liked color, but you didn’t hear me complaining. I had a plan, goals. I was going to be a kick ass Doctor. Never mind if I lost a little bit of myself along the way. Who the hell cared if I lost weight and became a shell of the person I was. So fucking what, if I was god damn miserable. I had goals damnit.

But let me tell you the thing about goals, they meant nothing, abso-fucking-lutely nothing if you weren’t paying attention to the obstacles, because there were always obstacles. Mine came in a six foot, two hundred pound male named Landon Bennet. He was gorgeous, perfect teeth, perfect hair and a laugh that had me making many mistakes in my life. I met him on my second day of my second year at Harvard.

When I think on how cliché it sounds, saying he was so perfect, so gorgeous, I think of how young and naïve I was back then. I think of how stupid I was. He was a junior partner at a law firm, six years older than me and my biology professor’s brother.

He charmed me within a week, took my virginity in a month and snatched my heart in three. I was a goner for a handsome face and a dazzling smile and in just a year I was Mrs Hannah Bennet.

In my third year of med school my days were spent on Campus and hospitals while my nights split into attending Galas or Charity events always ending under Landon. I failed my third year and Landon insisted that I didn’t need to work, that I should stay at home. Studying wasn’t important, I was a kept woman. And like the good wife I was I agreed.

That was the second mistake I made. I should’ve never left Harvard. My parents were devastated. And my brothers? they didn’t even talk to me. That was when I made my third mistake, I cut my family out. I forgot about them, ignored them and eventually they forgot about me too.

Looking back I think it was on the third year of our marriage that Landon changed. He wanted a son, I couldn’t give it to him. I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t fall pregnant. The doctors insisted I was fine, Landon was fine, we were both young fertile people. We had a great sex life, we never used protection, I couldn’t understand it. That should’ve been my first sign but remember I said I wasn’t paying attention. At this stage in my life I had one goal, pleasing my husband and that was having a baby.

Unfortunately my husband didn’t feel as pleased with me as I thought. I found this out on our fourth year of marriage, when a woman walked up to our door with a baby in her arms claiming it was Landon’s son. It was Landon’s son. My husband was cheating on me. Of course he blamed the entire thing on me. Accusing all of this on me, he said it was my fault because I couldn’t fall pregnant, I couldn’t give him a son.

After that day I stopped being the good wife, I stopped caring for my husband. Because you see that day I had a secret of my own, I was pregnant.

I filed for divorce three weeks later. Landon didn’t contest it, he was too wrapped up being a new dad. And I was glad. If he knew I was carrying his kid I don’t think he would’ve let me go. Then again would he really have cared? He let me go without a fight the first time. I don’t think adding a baby after he already had one would’ve changed his mind.

So there I was, a pregnant twenty four year old divorced, Medschool drop out.

There was no place to stay, nothing to fall back on. Not like I could’ve gone home. I had burned those bridges for a man who couldn’t keep it in his pants and practically replaced me with an older woman. I had little to no money in my bank account because when I was getting married I didn’t stop to think about the anti-nuptial contract I signed because I was too naïve. And let’s just say Landon wasn’t feeling very generous after I destroyed his house. Technically I didn’t blame the guy, I did over do it. Throwing a piano out of his window was bound to piss him off. At the time that was the goal, now I was wishing I didn’t. Especially since I was going to have to tell him in nine months time that we actually made a baby together. I wasn’t a bad person. Any man no matter how much of an asshole he was, deserved to know his kid, well at least be given the chance. I was hoping Landon wouldn’t want that chance.

So pregnant, homeless, and six suitcases full of clothes, shoes and underwear that wouldn’t fit me in five months time, it was very light to say my options were limited. I didn’t know much about what I was going to do, but like always I had a plan, and this time I was finally paying attention. I was going to move to a small place, where nobody knew Landon Bennet, the famous Mercantile Attorney. I wanted a place where I could just live. Somewhere safe for my baby, cheap for my pocket and far from New York City.

A small town. The good thing about America was that we had that in spades. There were small towns everywhere. Less people, quiet places, perfect for me, safe for my baby.

Choosing a place was the easy part, but getting a job proved tricky. I travelled to Texas and stopped in town after town. I applied for different jobs and when I didn’t get it I moved on.

By the time I finally found my new home I had sold my jewelry, and pawned five pairs of jimmy choo shoes. I had around three hundred dollars in my bank account from living wisely and was eighteen weeks pregnant with my daughter, Jocelyn May Evans the second.

I was also the newest medical secretary for the Med life hospital in a small town called Kanla. My income would be good enough to rent a small apartment on the outer part of the residential area and support my baby. It was going to be tight, but we’d get by.

That was my goal. I was paying attention and thinking about the bigger picture. I was finally multi tasking, because I didn’t have choice. I, Hannah Evans was a single, pregnant woman in a new town.

It was scary starting a life on my own and then bringing a child into the mix. But pray and behold, after fifteen hours of labor pains and an emergency c-section later on July 15th Jocelyn May Evans the second was born.

I was a mother and for the first time in years I didn’t feel lost, I didn’t feel unwanted, I wasn’t alone anymore. I was a mother of a healthy baby girl. It was then that I decided that the only goal I would ever have was to be the best mother I could be and lord did I try.

Coming this August

River’s keeper – Available for Pre-Order now

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Satan Snipers

Happy Blue Monday to all my many subscribers. Many of you have all noticed that River’s keeper is on pre-order yippee. 

Another Satan Sniper’s Mc book completed. I’m going to send through the first chapter. Before I do, I just want to let you guys know that there is a prelude to this book. I’m not sure whether you guys want me to post the prelude or 1st chapter. Let me know on

She was forgettable, why couldn’t I stay away
Below is the link for River’s Keeper

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River’s keeper 

And thank you to all of the ones who have already pre-ordered a copy. 

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Interesting… School me

So before I post the School me page, I’m going to share this with you guys. 

Some lady… Very sweet one at that asked me where did I get the idea for The Live Online Novel. I never told you guys this but It came to me while I was learning to set up a website. Many of you know that I didn’t even bother with traditional publishing because I wanted my work to remain original, and I love writing. So with that said, I needed a website. So my hubby and I we started putting a whole lot of ideas on what to put on my website. Once I had a load of ideas I checked people’s blogs and noticed that most people post reviews of Author’s books. But I am an Author, so then I got thinking and it finally hit me. What if I wrote a page a day. A live online Novel. 

And there you have it. That is how Liston Hills came about. Obviously it’s a shit ton of work and it isn’t easy especially because I’m writing books as well. I have missed days and made a gallon of errors lol, but we make it happen. And with you guys sending me emails and reading it makes everything worth the effort. 

And don’t forget about the smart watch competition. I’m waiting for the YouTube videos. Oh and before I forget I started a closed Liston Hills group so you guys can discuss School me. Anything goes I will send the links today with the first chapter of Rivers’s keeper (Satan Sniper’s mc book 2)  

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A Satan Snipers Novella :- River’s Keeper 

This is for all the Beggar fans, just to keep you guys busy while I write Zero. I will post the First chapter as I do with all my books and future books. So stay tuned. But for now🎬🎧 This is the cover… And yes, to all of you who are wondering, I don’t do cover reveals, I firmly believe it’s what is inside the book that counts hence the Chapter reveal.😚😊 Weird I know.

She was forgettable, Why couldn’t I stay away.

Coming soon.